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WoooooHooooo Thaenks Alex, finally got this page figured, well I can at least access it and post, so I suppose thats about 90% of it :) Now for a little play, not A play, but play.

81, Renshaw Street Plays

Hi Everyone,
This is a little reminder that I've got two nights of plays on at 81, Renshaw Street in Liverpool next week. Here's the programme. It starts at 7:30 for both evenings. £6 for one night or £9 for both.

Liz xx

You can buy tickets on Eventbrite at this URL or pay on the door.

13th September 2017
The Area  by Ginni Manning Lessons from a Hornbill by E J Fisher
Interval (there is a bar/ tea and coffee)
Things My Mother Left Me by E J Fisher Three into Two by Daragh O’Reilly Noah’s Frozen Ark  by Jane Barry

14th September 2017
Tadpoles by Dennis Conlan Maria’s Wedding by Paul Pavli Click and Collect by Phil Morris

Going Concern by Scott Davenport Q-Tips by Paula by Paula Pritchard

Alternatives to Microsoft

Hello fellow Writers,

I think some of you may be aware that I have had 'issues' with my computer over the past year or so.   I ended up having a new hard-drive installed; Windows 10 is gone as I went back to Windows 7.
I can't say there is much improvement.
When there are updates to install, it takes time, and then, it gives me a message saying: Installing Incomplete, Windows is Reversing the process - which then takes anything from 4 to 24 hours!!!! Really Microsoft?! I pay for this?!!

So, I scoured the online FAQ's and Help Desks and Forums etc.
I even did some of the stuff people said worked. One was a trial to see where the malfunction was occurring; it appeared to be in my Windows Word docs! Hm, so I decided to look around and see if there was anything else to use.
I am fed up with the stranglehold that massive corporations have on products, what am I paying for if it keeps going wrong?

I have discovered a plethora of alternatives - in no order of preference, the…

Maynah Lewis Cup 2017

Congratulations to this year's winner of the Maynah Lewis Cup - Elizabeth Fisher. Liz's story was a chilling tale called The Stone Birds. Josephine is hungry and so is her new-born. So are the gulls.
The runners up were: 2nd Chris Black with New Beginnings 3rd Nick Rose with Silver Shilling
Our judge was Di Morrow. Unfortunately she was unable to attend the award night, so a big thank you to David for doing a fine job of the presentation and announcing the winners.

Book Launch

Book Two in Mjke Wood's Sphere of Influence series - The Lollipop of Influence - launches on Saturday, 8 July. It is available now, for pre-order on Amazon and most other platforms.

Here's the book trailer to get you in the mood.

Tick Tock

So Wirral Writers anthology finally came together. What a team effort. I hope everyone is as happy with the resulting book as I am. I think we all learnt something from the process and from my own point of view, it was a lot harder than compiling a single author's works.  There was so much to agree on; theme, title, word count distribution, cover and more. I am sure the next one will be better - oh yes, there will be another one. It would be great to hear some feedback from readers, in the meantime, you can obtain your copy of Tick Tock at -

Deconstructing Back Cover Copy

We've been talking a lot about cover blurbs at recent meetings. It's a topical subject for us as we move into the last stage of finalising the layout for Tick Tock, our anthology.
Last week I shared an online course on writing a blurb. Here's an article that offers a different approach, by deconstructing the blurbs from two big selling novels and analysing the elements that go into creating a compelling and enticing blurb.
I've also shared the link to the website where I found the article. Some of you may also find this to be a useful resource.
Happy writing!