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Back from Hay - Things in Wales

Hi - back from a hot and sweaty Hay Festival. No rain this year.
I've had an email from Dee Rivaz. It has details of quite a few writing events in North Wales so I'll post her email in full:

June/July 2009
Am driving myself (and probably everyone else) nuts with my disorganisation so this is a trial run of a monthly (or thereabouts) round robin of news items that I have to pass around the writers’ network. If you have news of interesting writing events please do let me know. And I am always looking for more writers to add into my network, it makes promoting events so much easier.

June 2nd An evening with Gillian Clark at Wrexham library 7pm tickets £4/£3. May still be tickets left, phone Hedd ap Emlyn 01978 297430

June 8th First Cross Border Poets Stanza session Theatre Clwyd 7.30 pm Workshop: responding to art (there will be specific provision for this) Followed by short meeting to discuss preferences for future events.

June 20th Launch of Lorna Jenner’s book Liverpool to Logg…

Hay Festival

Glorious sunshine, writers, readers,good veggie food… That's Hay festival this year. We're trying out a new camp site this year, only ten minutes walk from the centre of Hay but it is a haven of peace and tranquility. At the moment I'm sitting beside a stream hiding from the sun, and I've just passed the 70k mark on the novel. I'm trying to blog every day when I can get an internet connection. Catch the latest on If I can find the bandwidth I'll post a picture or two.

Maynah Lewis Competition

Don't Forget - Friday 15th May is hand-in night for all Maynah Lewis story entries. Last chance for a bit of polishing and tightening.