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Pumpkin Story

Back in September Wirral Writers had their annual flash fiction challenge, always one of the year's highlights. This year the theme was The Biggest Pumpkin in the World. I'm chuffed to announce that my offering has been accepted as one of the featured stories on

Here's the link:

If you missed it on the night go and take a look. You might also consider subscribing to SSM's story feed. I did, and it's a nice way of getting a new piece of flash fiction in your inbox at regular intervals. There's a box on the website where you can add your email address and name.


A posse of Wirral Writers headed over to the Unity Theatre in Liverpool this afternoon to watch the one act plays in the Script-in-Hand segment of the Write Now Festival, and in particular to see, Premier Programme, written by Wirral Writers’ E J Fisher.
None of us knew quite what to expect, but we were each, blown away by an afternoon of sparkling theatre.
Premier Programme tells the story of a dedicated Liverpool Fan who, against his wife’s wishes and better judgement, completes his collection of Liverpool FC programmes by buying, on ebay, for a lot of money, the missing copy from the 1914 FA cup final against Burnley. It is all bound to end in tears, and so it does, but for more people than we imagined.
It was an excellent play, full of wit and pathos, and it brought out a great performance by the young cast. Other plays in the afternoon were Moths Wing Soup, by Patrick McGuire, The Route of Evanescence, by Neil A Edwards, and From Heir to Eternity, by Jane Barrow. Each had its own…

2013 Maynah Lewis Competition

The winner of the 2013 Maynah Lewis Short Story Competition was Mike Wood. The cup was awarded by this year's guest judge, Claire Oxley.

Second place went to Ann Conroy, with Laura Kirkbride, one of our newest members, taking third.

The awards night was the usual fun occasion, with drinks and nibbles and plenty of white-knuckle tension strung out right through to the announcement of the winners.

Wirral Writers would like to give a big thank you to Claire for her hard work and for the detailed critiques she delivered on all the entries.
Vintage Radio
Just to let you all know that the programme we recorded for Vintage Radio will be on the Web next Saturday 11th May.  At 11am,  2pm,  5pm,  8pm,  11pm.  So open your computers and logon to  to listen to Allan, Arthur, Chris and Helen read stories and poetry.  Allan has composed a signature tune and is our presenter.
I hope you will enjoy our offerings.
We will appreciate comments as feedback will be invaluable if we are to produce some more programmes.
Thanks must go to John Blainey of Vintage Radio for doing the recording and editoring same. He has made us sound quite good I think.

Hi everyone,  this is just to let you all know that the Wine and Reading evening held at Bebington Library to raise funds for the library was well attended. And that we contributed several very well received pieces.   My thanks go to Arthur, Laura, Allan and Helen for coming along on such a rainy evening. I must say we were the only group to keep to the theme of love. There was however some quite quirky writings produced which cause some chuckling.

wine & reading evening

Ship of Fools

Here's a link to my story, Ship of Fools, which has now appeared on Kasma SF magazine.

I'm especially pleased about the art by Jose Baetas. I got a real buzz from seeing how an artist visualised the story, and it is pretty much exactly how I saw it in my minds eye.

Happy New Year!

Greetings and Salutations to all members and followers of Wirral Writers. I hope you are all making ambitious and focussed New Year's resolutions that will lift your writing talents to new heights in 2013.

I have a story sale to announce! It gets my year off to a cracking start. 'Ship of Fools' has just been accepted by Kasma SF Magazine, and will appear in the February issue. Thank you all for the feedback that helped me to hone this one into a saleable story.

I will tell more at our first meeting of the year on Friday 4th January.