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Brook Meadow

Just back from this year's writer's meal at the Brook Meadow Hotel. Another succession outing and the weather continues to be kind to us, allowing us to once more extend our afternoon into the gardens. Good to see some new faces this year - I hope that Nick, Tom and Linda enjoyed the occasion.

No photo this year I'm afraid. I spent so long trying to set up the camera and figure out the self timer that the batteries died before I managed to actually take the picture. Ho hum.

Cheryl presented us with a new challenge - a flash fiction piece in just 75 words, five of which were specified in advance. As we only had yesterday to knock something together it was great to see so many having a go. If anyone wants to post their efforts, feel free to put then up on the blog.

This year's Maynah Lewis competition is in the process of being judged. We're pleased to have Judith Railton, the creative writing tutor from 3L's as our competition judge this year. Judith is also editor…