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Planning Ahead

I signed up for the Early Bird Option for the London Screenwriters Festival. This year it starts 2nd September 2016. Right at the start of the school year. If my sabbatical dream comes true then this is the perfect kick start.
It will be the third time I've been. First time I went was the first time it ran. I absolutely loved it. The energy was great. Hadn't got a clue about anything, but it made me appreciate how ignorant I was (no idea what a three act story line was!) and to do something about it. Second time was in 2014. I was in a grumpy place and had just seriously injured my ankle. Still gave me a lift though.
This time I want to go there with a written, fully edited screenplay plus more and really go for it.

Of course, if I haven't been granted my sabbatical I could be in for some interesting negotiations. But then, that's what makes life interesting.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to members of Wirral Writers and to followers/readers of this blog.

Well there it was, gone. Another year.
Right, let's get cracking. I think we will be rather busy this year what with an anthology to get together, the Maynah Lewis Competition to do and WW in-house competition, plus, all the writing we do for personal pleasure and submissions.

There's some competition out there when you consider how many books get published in the UK alone; according to The Guardian newspaper in 2014 -

 "UK publishers released more than 20 new titles every hour over the course of 2014, meaning that the country published more books per inhabitant than anywhere else in the world."

When I worked at a well-known book store, I read an article that said around 2,000 new children's books were published every week. In terms of quantity only China and the United States publish more than us; and look at our geographical size in comparison too!

We're not a "nation o…