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First Time Published

So following on the coattails of Mike, I am so very excited to say that I will be having a short story published.
I'm not sure if anyone remembers me mentioning the open submission/call for horror stories based on classic arcade games? Well, the one I wrote was accepted. I am so excited - I'm not generally an excitable person as you all know!!!
The book is called Game Over and is edited by Jonathan Green, who is also a writer of various titles himself, covering sci-fi, fantasy, gaming books and more.

There are twelve authors, I have no idea who the others are, or what they wrote. The book will be out around the 12th August I believe.
Jonathan also did a lovely bit of editing for me too!

Grand Book Tour

From England to the Alps in a thirty-year-old caravan. What could possibly go wrong? Well now you can find out, because Travelling in a Box, the book that gave its name to the blog, is available on Amazon, in paperback, and for Kindle.
My good friends at Wirral Writers have been with me all the way, chapter by chapter. They've felt the rain and the wind, they've wiped the mud off their boots, so many thanks to them for their input and advice. But now, in the true spirit of Indy publishing, I have embarked on a grand book tour. I have a copy of my book and I’m in a field in Ruthin, then I’ll be in a field near Rhos-on-Sea. Actually, thinking about it, I forgot to bring the book, so I guess I’m just on a grand tour. Maybe not so grand, either; in a field? Let’s just call it an ordinary tour, though technically speaking, a tour should probably visit more than two places. Okay, so I’m just away, in the caravan. How cool is that, though? Could you get more Indy?
So, I’ll set out my v…

Maynah Lewis Competition

Maynah Lewis Prize
I am sure everyone would like to congratulate Mike on being this years winner of the Maynah Lewis Competition, and also Liz, aka Turkish George, on coming second.

Coral Greenwood was kind enough to buy us all pens - yours is in the post Mike! as she thought they were all entertaining/interesting/brilliant. I can't remember if she did actually use the word 'brilliant', but I'm choosing to believe that's what she said. Coral also wrote short critiques of our stories, which I am very pleased to have as a newbie writer I need all the gentle critiquing I can get.
For me, it was an interesting experience; writing a short story 'to order', rather than blethering on about my own world of Lockhart & Doppler.
I asked if we could do it again - not a formal annual competition, but in-house, just us, and was informed that we would be doing exactly that in September. 500 words! I'm sorry I asked now.     

 Liz also suggested that it might be…