Friday, 31 July 2015

First Time Published

So following on the coattails of Mike, I am so very excited to say that I will be having a short story published.
I'm not sure if anyone remembers me mentioning the open submission/call for horror stories based on classic arcade games? Well, the one I wrote was accepted. I am so excited - I'm not generally an excitable person as you all know!!!
The book is called Game Over and is edited by Jonathan Green, who is also a writer of various titles himself, covering sci-fi, fantasy, gaming books and more.

There are twelve authors, I have no idea who the others are, or what they wrote. The book will be out around the 12th August I believe.
Jonathan also did a lovely bit of editing for me too!

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Mjke Wood said...

Woohoo! Brilliant Alex! Really pleased for you. I'll add the book to my wish list for when it comes out.
You're better organised than me - I'm still writing my arcade story. Missed the deadline but, Heinlein's 2nd rule, I might as well finish it.