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Hi Everyone, I had an interesting talk with someone this weekend about blogging.
And it was mentioned that some writers think the blog is likely to fade in importance. I was told that one writer Jenn Ashworth has now decided her blog has gone as far as she can take it and has posted her last one a few days ago. I decided to read it and I would be interested to hear whether or not you think she is right.
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I'm mentioning this because of what Cheryl was saying regarding publishers preferences for writers to media savvy. Presumably this includes blog sites.
Over to you.
Anyone reading my blog will notice I've put my Wirral Writers report there instead of here. As I don't know if blogs can be transferred I am going to repeat the report here.
Last night was another good evening of interesting work. The Summer competition produced some really good writing. Nick's story read last night was gripping. And Liz who has taken her story one step further by turning it into a script had Nick and Alan reading the main characters.
I have taken on board some of the comments regarding my own story and have spent some time today in re-vamping my tale.
Barbara read us a delightful story about a boy who is a sort of Just William of the back streets. I am sure there is a market for this story.
Cheryl's romance under the hot Tuscany sun is hotting up too.
the September Competition was discussed and it was decided that this year we are to try our hands at writing a monologue of 500 words. No theme. So get writing and bring your efforts with you on the s…
Hi everyone

A bit later than I hoped to post but I expect Alan and Mike have already reported how the Wine and Reading evening went.
I think we put on a good show even though we were put on in the last half with only 45minutes. If everyone who had showed an interest had been able to come, some may not have been able to read. Once again I think the organisers need to be more strict so that every group has a fair share of the alloted time.
Has the September competition been discussed?
Looking forward to the next meeting on the 19th August.