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What a difference a few months make.  feeling somewhat guilty for not having posted anything recently I though I'd log-on to this site.  Everything had changed and its taken me all morning to suss out the differences to the blog site.  Anyway here I am though for the life of me I can't see what the improvements are.
Since the last time I posted some news winter's gone and spring is just changing into summer.
At one of the meetings Pat brought some copies of his book he has had printed and kindly gave each of us a copy.  His tales certainly had me chuckling.
We had ten entries for the Maynah Lewis Cup which this year was won by Cheryl with her charming story called `Blue Indigo`.   Runner-up was Mike with `The Man with the Pill-box Hat. Barbara and Helen had also been short-listed.  Once again the variety of the stories was astonishing considering everyone had to incorporate the same list of words. Our judge this year was Juilet Greenwood who has just had a new book publis…