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Maynah Lewis Competition 2015

The theme of this year's competition is:
What did you see in the bottom of your cup/glass when you stirred your drink?
The submission day is the meeting on 15th May.
Admission is free.
A pseudonym should be used. Your own name should not appear anywhere on your entry. Please submit a sealed envelope with both the title of the piece and your real name, so we can marry up the two after the result has been announced.
Max word count: 1600 words. The limit is strict, but per your own word processor word count. (We accept there are sometimes small variations)
Entries are to be double spaced using a conventional font such as Times New Roman or Courier.

So there you have it. Get writing.
Here's the list of the past winners:

2014  Mike Wood
2013  Mike Wood
2012  Cheryl Lang
2011  James Rhodes
2010  Mike Wood
2009  Mike Wood
2008  Mike Wood
2007  Mike Wood
2006  Gordon Thompson
2005  John Ralphson
2004  Barbara Trevor
2003  Barbara Trevor
2002  Cheryl Lang
2001  Cheryl Lang
2000  Claire …

The Man in the Pillbox Hat

My short story, The Man in the Pillbox Hat is now up on Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show. Please follow the link for a snippet and to check out the artwork. You'll have to buy a subscription to read the whole thing, but it's a great magazine and you get six issues, a whole year's worth of fiction for your $15.

This started out as a Wirral Writers' Maynah Lewis in-house competition story. I got the idea during a caravan holiday in The Lakes, the one where we had no heater, no hot water, no cooker; the duvet got soaked because the caravan roof started to leak; and when we tried the microwave all the lights on the site went out. It was late October and we froze. But at least I had my laptop.