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Maynah Lewis Short Story Competition 2018 Winner
So to follow up on our March post - the winner of this years Maynah Lewis Short Story Competition is, Mike Wood.
Congratulationsto Mike on another wonderful story and on winning the cup.
This year's competition was based on postcards - a blind selection. The stories entered ranged from an unusual train journey in Prague to rescue refugees, a murderous painter and the discovery of a vintage postcard that leads the protagonist on a journey to discover the original recipient.
Mike's story - based on a picture of a nest of sleeping leverets - called 'Indocilis Privata Loqui', under the nom-de-plume, Pierre Lapin (see what he did there?!), told of a young female magician who entertained at children's parties, who was invited to join The Magic Circle - the world's premier magic society, having previously been refused access on the grounds of being a child at the time.  But the young woman magically produces a hat out of a rab…