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The first meeting of 2011 went well and the much delayed Autumn competition finally took place. Subject for this competition was Hobbies and Interests.
I think we were all surprised and delighted at the variety of interests written about.
Not all the entries were factual thank goodness or else we would all be a little worried that we have a serial killer in our midst. As it was we found we have a singer, a geologist, a genealogist and a philosopher amongst us.
Made my card making seem rather pedestrian.
The history of the puppet Punch as researched by Tom deserves special mention as he revealed some very interesting facts about that strange fellow.
Our winner was Mike with his ironic take on other peoples obesssion with transport spotting with his aptly named entry `I am Not A Bus Spotter`. Congratulations.
Looking forward to our next meeting.
I think we should also put our thinking caps on to come up with a theme for our next Competition in May. Bring your ideas with you.