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Maynah Lewis 2018

Maynah Lewis Short Story Competition

Now is the time to start writing for the Maynah Lewis competition; if you haven't already started. Long standing members are familiar with the arrangement, but for newer writers -  All you have to do is write a story in 1500-1600 words about the postcard you took from the 'Lucky Dip'.

Usual rules apply:

Printed on one side, double spaced, pages numbered with title. 
Use a font style and size that is easily read, for example Ariel or Times Roman, 12 point.                                            
On separate sheet print title, your pseudonym and word count.  
Put your own name on a slip of paper inside a sealed envelope.   Put everything into an A4 envelope addressed Wirral Writers Short Story Comp 2018.
Handing in for final pieces is May (exact date to be confirmed). Our judge will be external; as usual, and will be given the batch of stories to select 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. You too can be cup-holder for a year! Good luck everyone.