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Congratulations to Cheryl and Barbara,
I think the presenter was more nervous than you, and there were times I thought the programme was going to disappear off air. Actually heard it via the web site as surprisingly the reception in Tranmere was dreadful on the radio.
I liked the tales that I believe I haven't heard before. Did you write them especially for the show?
I think they will have gone down well.
Just thought you may like to know of a competition being run by "The University of Liverpool Creative Writing Society for Lifelong Learning" Quite a mouth full isn't it. This is the 3rd such comp and is called "The 3rd Annual Ted Walters International Short Story and Poetry Competition 2009" Another mouthful!
The competition is so called in memory of Ted Walters who died in 2006. As a writer he had work broadcast.
I have asked for some entry forms to be forwarded so hopefully I will have them for our next meeting on the 20th feb.

Getting the creative juices flowing!

Along the Slippery Path

Not quite frozen R. Leat

You couldn't have loggerheads without a log!

After being cooped up because of bad weather, Peter and I set off for a walk this morning (just as well as it's both wet and foggy now!). We went to Loggerheads and trudged for miles through the snow. The idea was to clear the cobwebs away and hopefully put my brain in gear to tackle the rewrites on the novel.

Thought I'd share a few photos from this morning, it was peaceful and beautiful. Only trouble was, by the time we returned there wasn't time to enjoy a coffee in the new cafe there. Worth a visit if you're out that way. It's all home made/produced/organic, with no deep fat fryers any more!

This 'n that!

After so many attempts to blog with the gremlins always preventing me, I'm trying again!
It was a good meeting, I thought, on Friday with a fascinating variety of manuscripts.
We only have one more meeting before we're off to Ruthin on the 28th. If anyone would like to join us for an hour or so and help man 'our' table, please let us know! Also, if anyone has any ideas on how we should present ourselves, get in touch!
The snow is still lying in the fields and gardens here, although the roads are fine. It's all very picturesque, but I'd much rather have bright sunshine, blue skies and heat!
Oh well, back to work!

Vintage radio
Sorry I didn't have enough leaflets for everyone, but here's a recap on when it is being broadcast.
Aimed at the 50's plus and sponsored by Help the Aged it is being broadcast from Saturday 21st February until 1st March each day all day with a broad selection of programmes.
Tune into 87.7FM
Our own Ann Flynn is co-presenting a programme. (Ann has been on a course learning the ropes.) So along with Mike, Cheryl and Gordon reading their own short stories Wirral Writers will be well represented.
If you can't tune in, the programmes can be accessed by logging onto
Must say I enjoyed this evening and meeting up with everyone again. really nice to see Sarah and Joseph again after many months.