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Stand Up and Be Counted

At Wirral Writers' recent AGM I asked to have a new rule introduced at our meetings, that of standing when we read our work. Okay, so I got half my wish - it isn't a rule as such, but instead we now strongly encourage members to stand when they read.

Why do I feel this might be a benefit?

First thing, we are all writing for reasons of our own. We might wish to become big name writers at some time soon, or we are happy enough to produce quality writing for local consumption. But at any time we may be asked to read our work aloud. It might be at one of the local library Friends nights; it might be an invitation to participate in another Vintage Radio broadcast; or it might be as Guest-of-Honour at a convention in a two-thousand seat auditorium. (We can all dream, can't we?) Excluding radio, we would more than likely be expected to stand at one of these events. People want to see us and they want to hear us.
There are unexpected pitfalls that come from reading: The words star…

Welcome to New Writers

It was great to have two new writers come along to our meeting last Friday.

Mark Keech is a poet and has had work published in an anthology by Poetry Rivals. He treated us to The Sky's Gone Out, a dark and moody poem with an edge.

Alex Peel is a writer of Steam Punk fiction. Her Life and Crimes of Lockhart and Doppler, by Penny Dreadful, is the featured story in the November issue of Go Steampunk, and from the excerpt we heard on Friday, well worth the cover price.

I for one am looking forward to hearing more from both these new and exciting writing voices. Welcome to both!

Accountants and Wizards

Many thanks to everyone at Wirral Writers who helped knock my Accountant Fantasy story into shape. The story has been published on Sorcerous Signals and you can find it here.
 Go to the current issue and look for Bring me my Broadsword and my Spreadsheets of Fire


Through the cyber jungle I struggle and fall. Each time I click I meet a brick wall. Exhausted with frustration once again I begin. Shall I persevere or just give in? At last I find my writer's home, And a space to call my own. Look out for Juniper now and again. Will he make you laugh or cry or just be a pain? Though there's many a slip 'twixt lip and cup; He hopes to continue and not give up.

Maynah Lewis Competition 2014

A reminder that the 2014 Maynah Lewis Competition is now in play.

Open to members only, the challenge is to write a short story in less than 1500 words, incorporating each of the nine images from the story cubes as shown above.

This year our illustrious adjudicator is Barbara Trevor, to whom we are most grateful. Barbara is a multiple past winner of the trophy herself, so she knows all about the struggle, the passion and the clashing of pens in the quest for literary supremacy.

Deadline for entry is 16th May.

Who will prise the silverware from Mike's grasping hands this year? He already has his tin of brasso at the ready, and promises that by awards night the trophy will be gleaming.

So, let battle commence!