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Hi Everyone, The 1st of April meeting was well attended and we welcomed two new members too. At this meeting the theme for the Maynah Lewis Competition was chosen. After a vote the following theme was the one decided on. 1,600 words with the following included. Character: Pensioner; Conflict: making a sacrifice; Weather: fog; Setting: cave; Object: a rubber chicken. Any genre you feel would do justice to this selection. Unfortunately there isn't much time as entries must be submitted at our May 20th Meeting. Don't forget submit using a pen name only. Print in double spacing, number each page. Header sheet Printed with Wirral Writers Maynah Lewis Competition 2011 Your title and pen-name. Hand in your entry in a sealed envelope. A fee of £1 is payable to Gordon. This goes towards club funds. I hope as many of you as possible will enter the competition as it's always great fun when we have the presentation evening to hear everyone's efforts. Get Writing. Chris