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A posse of Wirral Writers headed over to the Unity Theatre in Liverpool this afternoon to watch the one act plays in the Script-in-Hand segment of the Write Now Festival, and in particular to see, Premier Programme, written by Wirral Writers’ E J Fisher.
None of us knew quite what to expect, but we were each, blown away by an afternoon of sparkling theatre.
Premier Programme tells the story of a dedicated Liverpool Fan who, against his wife’s wishes and better judgement, completes his collection of Liverpool FC programmes by buying, on ebay, for a lot of money, the missing copy from the 1914 FA cup final against Burnley. It is all bound to end in tears, and so it does, but for more people than we imagined.
It was an excellent play, full of wit and pathos, and it brought out a great performance by the young cast. Other plays in the afternoon were Moths Wing Soup, by Patrick McGuire, The Route of Evanescence, by Neil A Edwards, and From Heir to Eternity, by Jane Barrow. Each had its own…