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Hi Everyone,
Just an update regarding the Maynah Lewis Competition theme. At the last meeting a decision was made to use the same format as last year. However instead of choosing from lists Cheryl had brought a set of 9 dice with symbols or pictures on each face. These were thrown three times and each set noted down. We then voted on which set we preferred and the winning combination is as follows.
Hand, mobile phone, wigwam, arrow, tree, new moon, footprint, aeroplane, a theatre Comedy/tragedy mask.
Now all you have to do is create a story of 1600 words using them. The closing date for the competition will be the second meeting in May. This competition is only open to club members. Full comp rules will be emailed out shortly.
Next meeting 3rd February hope you can make it.
Hi everyone,
Hope you all had a happy Christmas and New Year. Mine was like most people's hectic with visitors and visiting. Lovely catching up with far flung family.
Now back to normal whatever that is supposed to be.
This Friday 6th January sees our first meeting of 2012. Hope you can all come along to contribute to selecting a theme for the Maynah Lewis May Competition. It looks like Cheryl has secured us a judge for this year's competition but she will tell us all about it on Friday.
Just had a thought that because it's both the Queen's Jubilee and the Olympics this year we should have a mini competition this summer. What do you think? Let us know either on this site or at the meeting if you can attend.