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Dead Man's Shoes

If anyone fancies popping over to the excellent online magazine, my story, Dead Man's Shoes is now up there and just itching to be read. This was one that I tested out on the good people of Wirral Writers Club and I thank you all for your useful and encouraging feedback. 

There are no spaceships in this one. No aliens, no robots - just saxophones, some cool jazz... and shoes.
Hi everyone,

Just to remind you that our next meeting is on Friday 2nd March.
Last month saw another two interesting meetings with a wide variety of writings.
also it was decided that the club would not this time take part in the Wine and Reading Evening run by the Friends of the Library as it clashed with our own club nights. and in part because this was the second time the date had been changed.

March already so not many weeks to get your competition writing done, please refer to January post for details of competition.
don't forget double line spacing and don't use your own name. entry cost £1

Gordon read one of his poems at the last meeting and he has agreed for it to be put up on the blog. we all thought it summed us up quite nicely.

Wirral Writers Club
(A pantoum or something like one)

WE meet together on a Friday night
A group of cheerful scribblers all
Who bring their words, profound or slight
To p…