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Dan Wells' 7 Point Story Structure

Here's a video I came across the other day that was discussed in a podcast I was listening to. I wish I'd known about it years ago

The video is by Dan Wells, and it was delivered at a writing symposium in 2010.It is gold dust.

The link takes you to the first of five parts. Once you've watched part one you will want to listen to the rest, I guarantee it.

(As an aside, the podcast I was listening to was The First Million Words. It's worth subscribing. You should also try Writing Excuses where you'll find Dan Wells popping up again.)


Wirral Writers now have a Twitter account. Follow our writing adventures on @Wirralwriters.

BBC Competition

Here's a link to a competition the BBC are running.

Worth having a look especially if you have a radio script you want to polish up and send.

Hi everyone,

Friday 17th August meeting was one of our most lively meetings for a while. And it arose when we were discussing some of the comments made by our guest speaker Juliet Greenwood at the Sunday Lunch a couple of weeks ago.
During her talk she said she owed a great deal to her editor without whom she would not have got her book published. She suggested that this symbiotic relationship was neccessary if you wished to a working author. And to write as an artist only meant that you would be unlikely to be published by any main stream houses.
These comments produced some lively discussion on how far writing to guide lines and altering your stories etc to suit either editors or publishers views impact on a writers integrity. Was it possible for authors to lose control and as it were for the story to be taken over?  Ending in perhaps a compromise between how the author sees the story and the editors view of what he/she thinks the reader wants. How far should  an           author be…
What a difference a few months make.  feeling somewhat guilty for not having posted anything recently I though I'd log-on to this site.  Everything had changed and its taken me all morning to suss out the differences to the blog site.  Anyway here I am though for the life of me I can't see what the improvements are.
Since the last time I posted some news winter's gone and spring is just changing into summer.
At one of the meetings Pat brought some copies of his book he has had printed and kindly gave each of us a copy.  His tales certainly had me chuckling.
We had ten entries for the Maynah Lewis Cup which this year was won by Cheryl with her charming story called `Blue Indigo`.   Runner-up was Mike with `The Man with the Pill-box Hat. Barbara and Helen had also been short-listed.  Once again the variety of the stories was astonishing considering everyone had to incorporate the same list of words. Our judge this year was Juilet Greenwood who has just had a new book publis…

Dead Man's Shoes

If anyone fancies popping over to the excellent online magazine, my story, Dead Man's Shoes is now up there and just itching to be read. This was one that I tested out on the good people of Wirral Writers Club and I thank you all for your useful and encouraging feedback. 

There are no spaceships in this one. No aliens, no robots - just saxophones, some cool jazz... and shoes.
Hi everyone,

Just to remind you that our next meeting is on Friday 2nd March.
Last month saw another two interesting meetings with a wide variety of writings.
also it was decided that the club would not this time take part in the Wine and Reading Evening run by the Friends of the Library as it clashed with our own club nights. and in part because this was the second time the date had been changed.

March already so not many weeks to get your competition writing done, please refer to January post for details of competition.
don't forget double line spacing and don't use your own name. entry cost £1

Gordon read one of his poems at the last meeting and he has agreed for it to be put up on the blog. we all thought it summed us up quite nicely.

Wirral Writers Club
(A pantoum or something like one)

WE meet together on a Friday night
A group of cheerful scribblers all
Who bring their words, profound or slight
To p…
Hi Everyone,
Just an update regarding the Maynah Lewis Competition theme. At the last meeting a decision was made to use the same format as last year. However instead of choosing from lists Cheryl had brought a set of 9 dice with symbols or pictures on each face. These were thrown three times and each set noted down. We then voted on which set we preferred and the winning combination is as follows.
Hand, mobile phone, wigwam, arrow, tree, new moon, footprint, aeroplane, a theatre Comedy/tragedy mask.
Now all you have to do is create a story of 1600 words using them. The closing date for the competition will be the second meeting in May. This competition is only open to club members. Full comp rules will be emailed out shortly.
Next meeting 3rd February hope you can make it.
Hi everyone,
Hope you all had a happy Christmas and New Year. Mine was like most people's hectic with visitors and visiting. Lovely catching up with far flung family.
Now back to normal whatever that is supposed to be.
This Friday 6th January sees our first meeting of 2012. Hope you can all come along to contribute to selecting a theme for the Maynah Lewis May Competition. It looks like Cheryl has secured us a judge for this year's competition but she will tell us all about it on Friday.
Just had a thought that because it's both the Queen's Jubilee and the Olympics this year we should have a mini competition this summer. What do you think? Let us know either on this site or at the meeting if you can attend.