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Wirral Writers Autumn Sunday Dinner

Doesn't time fly? 
Here we are again approaching Christmas. We had an early Sunday Dinner this year as our 'Lunch Calendar' became a little fuzzy round the edges - like after drinking too many G & Ts.
We ate at our usual haunt; Brook Meadow Hotel, Childer Thornton. This year saw 13 of us, sat down to dinner together; including new-comers/first-timers, Mick and Amy. Some brought their partners or friends, some came alone.

As is our custom, we all brought a piece of Flash Fiction - 200 words on the theme of Sunday Dinner. This year we had an interesting mix including poems from Nick, Mick and myself (though not a natural poet, I like to flex my rhyming muscles on occasion!)
After dinner we read our offerings then played a written version of the Exquisite Corpse -Each collaborator adds to a composition in sequence, either by following a rule or by being allowed to see only the end of what the previous person contributed.

The results were interesting and in one case, hilarious.

Asterisk Anthology

Thought I would let the local writing community know of my latest good news.

Asterisk Anthology: Volume 1 has just come out. Published by Nosetouch Press; a Chicago based publishing house, this is a horror anthology with four themes.
Nosetouch ran a series of four competitions with a 'heading' for each section -  Halloween, Ghosts, Nautical Terrors and Cosmic Horrors. I was runner up in two, so have two stories published ! Most gratifying.

You can read 'Apples to Ashes' and 'Tombs in Space' online at:-


or buy the book at:-

Nosetouch Press is run by editors David T. Neal and Christine M. Scott, both successful authors in their own right. I have to also comment, out of all the submissions I have made to various publishers; online or other,(and there have been many) Neal and S…