Asterisk Anthology

Thought I would let the local writing community know of my latest good news.

Asterisk Anthology: Volume 1 has just come out. Published by Nosetouch Press; a Chicago based publishing house, this is a horror anthology with four themes.
Nosetouch ran a series of four competitions with a 'heading' for each section -  Halloween, Ghosts, Nautical Terrors and Cosmic Horrors. I was runner up in two, so have two stories published ! Most gratifying.

You can read 'Apples to Ashes' and 'Tombs in Space' online at:-


or buy the book at:-

Nosetouch Press is run by editors David T. Neal and Christine M. Scott, both successful authors in their own right. I have to also comment, out of all the submissions I have made to various publishers; online or other,(and there have been many) Neal and Scott have been the most communicative and encouraging.


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