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Let's all help Nicola

Well I’m old(ish), with no dazzling smile and I certainly don’t ooze charisma from every pore. I’m catagorised as severely disabled, as I am quite badly autistic (ASD). I don’t believe in giving in, and I  WON'T let it spoil my life, but in order to do that I need your help - each and every one of you.

I have put this into medical, as this is a campaign to save my life...  (Please click here to read more)

How to Write a Bio

The Wirral Writers’ anthology is nearing completion. Now is the time to set aside our famous British reserve and modesty, and get writing some bios. Here’s some tips.
Always write in the third person. It is the expected form and it is easier to say nice things about another person than to say them about ourselves.
Start by introducing yourself and your writing. Joe Bloggs has had a passion for writing short fiction since leaving school.
Mention your biggest achievements first. If you feel you have none you are probably wrong. All writing activity is an achievement in itself. Jo has entered several writing contests and regularly submits work to her favourite magazines. 
Mix up the third person use for variety, sometimes using your name, sometimes he or she.
If you have any relevant qualifications, mention them. An MA in English literature might be more relevant than a swimming certificate, unless of course your story is all about a long distance swimmer.
Include some geography and non-writin…