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Wirral Writers Party

Great Party last night - one of the best Wirral Writers' do's I can remember. The highlight has to be Alan on his mandolin, brilliant! If I'd have thought on I'd have recorded the gig and put it on You Tube. Next year, maybe.

I have some sales news - my story 'Thousand War Soldier' is now up at Ray Gun Revival . Thanks to everyone for your input on this one, it seems to have paid off. Why not pop over the website and see how the final edit looks.

And if you're in the mood for some genre fiction next weekend (Sat 10th December) I'll be at Parallel Dimensions in West Kirby, doing some reading and chatting. Also Jon Mayhew will be there, so please come along and say hello.


New calendar is now posted in the side bar. I'm afraid I've been a little lax about updating this but now we're all set for 2012.

Highlights for the coming year:
Christmas Party next meeting on 2nd December. Bring a raffle prize, some food and a Christmas Story (about 500 words) Friends and family also welcome.

18th May is the entry date for the Maynah Lewis competition. Details of next year's theme will be posted as soon as we've agreed one.

The winter competition will take place on 16th September and the AGM is on 21st October.

this is a PS to the last post.
Claire Oxley who judged our Short Story Competition sent her thanks for the gifts we gave her.
She also gave us some information of forcoming events at the library.
In conjunction with the `Friends of the Library the following will be held there.
Macmillian Coffee morning Friday 30th Sept 10.30-12noon.
Poetry Workshop with Judy Ugonna and Gill McEvoy Saturday 1st October 11am-1pm
(Places must be booked in advance and cost £7 phone Claire -Di on 643 7219)
Also look at Poem Catchers on for other workshops etc
A talk by Elizabeth Williams entitled `Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte and Love`
will be held on Thursday 13th October 2.30pm cost £3
A talk by Anthony Peake author entitled `J.B. Priestly:The Time Plays`
will be held on Saturday 29th October at 2.30pm cost £3
( If you don't know about this author look at
Chick-lit Authors Ledley Pearse and Judy Astley will be at Bromborough Civic Centre
on Monday 10th October …
Hi Everyone,

For those of you who could not make the meeting on Friday, you missed another interesting evening. The September Competition was held and once again the entries proved to be a wonderful mixed bag of goodies. Members were asked to write a monologue subject matter open.
From Gordon's account of using `BABS` on a training sortie when in the RAF to Frank's dark thoughts of a suicidal band player, each piece had much merit. Perhaps Tom's clever re-vamp of the Three Little Pigs would have grabbed your attention. Ann's reflective piece was sad and moving. Whilst Helen's Bride's thoughts made you smile. Barbara's hapless accident prone heroine was also very funny. Liz's character was instantly recognisable we've all met some-one like the `queen` And then on to Alan's lyrical thoughts about a new-born grandchild and the passing on of knowledge and culture through the generations.
Alan's `Life's Conveyer Belt` won 1st place

Story Sale

I have a story sale to announce this week. "Call Me Murph" sold to Short-Story.Me and is now online. Check out their web-site if you get a chance, it's a good market and they take a wide variety of story types.

I read the story at Wirral Writers a couple of months back, so thanks to everyone for your comments and feedback, much of which went into the final draft. Just goes to show how valuable and powerful is the hive-mind of Wirral Writers. (If you're not a member, think about joining us. Feedback works.)

Mike Wood
Hi Everyone, I had an interesting talk with someone this weekend about blogging.
And it was mentioned that some writers think the blog is likely to fade in importance. I was told that one writer Jenn Ashworth has now decided her blog has gone as far as she can take it and has posted her last one a few days ago. I decided to read it and I would be interested to hear whether or not you think she is right.
Go to
I'm mentioning this because of what Cheryl was saying regarding publishers preferences for writers to media savvy. Presumably this includes blog sites.
Over to you.
Anyone reading my blog will notice I've put my Wirral Writers report there instead of here. As I don't know if blogs can be transferred I am going to repeat the report here.
Last night was another good evening of interesting work. The Summer competition produced some really good writing. Nick's story read last night was gripping. And Liz who has taken her story one step further by turning it into a script had Nick and Alan reading the main characters.
I have taken on board some of the comments regarding my own story and have spent some time today in re-vamping my tale.
Barbara read us a delightful story about a boy who is a sort of Just William of the back streets. I am sure there is a market for this story.
Cheryl's romance under the hot Tuscany sun is hotting up too.
the September Competition was discussed and it was decided that this year we are to try our hands at writing a monologue of 500 words. No theme. So get writing and bring your efforts with you on the s…
Hi everyone

A bit later than I hoped to post but I expect Alan and Mike have already reported how the Wine and Reading evening went.
I think we put on a good show even though we were put on in the last half with only 45minutes. If everyone who had showed an interest had been able to come, some may not have been able to read. Once again I think the organisers need to be more strict so that every group has a fair share of the alloted time.
Has the September competition been discussed?
Looking forward to the next meeting on the 19th August.


Maynah Lewis Cup 2011

What a terrific night last Friday! We have a 2011 winner of the Maynah Lewis cup - James Rhodes.
James is one of our newer members and this was his first Maynah Lewis entry. A most deserving winner. I swear you could hear a pin drop in the room as he read us his wonderful, multi-layered story.
This is James receiving the trophy from our judge, Clare Oxley. A huge thank-you to Clare for doing a terrific job. She gave lots of advice and guidance on all the stories and helped to make this year's award night a memorable one.
Hi everyone,

Just a few words to say what a lovely day we had on Sunday at Brook Meadows. The meal was very good and the company excellent. (It goes without saying)
Once again the flash ficition proved a hit. The choice of words gave a lot of scope for some quite inventive tales.
I'm sorry I didn't say good-bye to everyone. I got talking and it was five o'clock before we realised it and I assumed that everybody had left. I think Doreen and myself were the last to leave.
The weather, well what can be said of such a stunning Summer Day. the hottest I believe for a few years.
Arthur didn't make it because he had hurt his foot but hopes to be with us on Friday. I didn't pick his email up until Monday.
I've uploaded this photo but it's too small and I'm not sure how to make it larger.
I'll print one out for Friday and bring it with me.
Another piece of news just received a minute ago. Claire Oxley can announce the winner of the Maynah Lewis competition on the …
Hi Folks,

Sorry I didn't attend the last meeting but should be okay for the next on 17th June.

All the entries for the Maynah Lewis competition has gone to our judge Clare Oxley and we are waiting now for her make contact with a date she can present the winner with the cup. And give us a talk.

As you know the Library with its Friends of the Library group is holding another `Wine and Writing` evening on Friday 22nd July. We have been asked if our members would like to come along and read a piece of their work. Cheryl and Tom read at the last one in March but it would be nice if more of us could make it this time.
The Library celebrates its 40th Anniversary in July and it has been decided that the theme for the readings should be about 40th or Ruby anniversaries. So if you have some ideas on that theme please write them down and bring them to the evening.

Before then the next social date is 26th June for Lunch at Brookmeadow Hotel & Resturant. Meeting at between 12-1pm for lunch at …
Hi Everyone, The 1st of April meeting was well attended and we welcomed two new members too. At this meeting the theme for the Maynah Lewis Competition was chosen. After a vote the following theme was the one decided on. 1,600 words with the following included. Character: Pensioner; Conflict: making a sacrifice; Weather: fog; Setting: cave; Object: a rubber chicken. Any genre you feel would do justice to this selection. Unfortunately there isn't much time as entries must be submitted at our May 20th Meeting. Don't forget submit using a pen name only. Print in double spacing, number each page. Header sheet Printed with Wirral Writers Maynah Lewis Competition 2011 Your title and pen-name. Hand in your entry in a sealed envelope. A fee of £1 is payable to Gordon. This goes towards club funds. I hope as many of you as possible will enter the competition as it's always great fun when we have the presentation evening to hear everyone's efforts. Get Writing. Chris

Wine and Story Night

We've been asked to join with Port Sunlight Writers for a Wine and Story night at Bebington library on 3rd March. (7.30 start) I don't know all the details, but I'm sure Wirral Writers will be along to play their part with some fine and varied stories, and I'm sure we can lend a helping hand in the wine consumption part of the evening, too.
I believe we are looking at 10 minute slots. I'd better start trimming. 
Should be a good night. Hope to see a good turn out from WW and looking forward to meeting our hosts, Port Sunlight Writers.
The first meeting of 2011 went well and the much delayed Autumn competition finally took place. Subject for this competition was Hobbies and Interests.
I think we were all surprised and delighted at the variety of interests written about.
Not all the entries were factual thank goodness or else we would all be a little worried that we have a serial killer in our midst. As it was we found we have a singer, a geologist, a genealogist and a philosopher amongst us.
Made my card making seem rather pedestrian.
The history of the puppet Punch as researched by Tom deserves special mention as he revealed some very interesting facts about that strange fellow.
Our winner was Mike with his ironic take on other peoples obesssion with transport spotting with his aptly named entry `I am Not A Bus Spotter`. Congratulations.
Looking forward to our next meeting.
I think we should also put our thinking caps on to come up with a theme for our next Competition in May. Bring your ideas with you.