Hi Everyone, I had an interesting talk with someone this weekend about blogging.
And it was mentioned that some writers think the blog is likely to fade in importance. I was told that one writer Jenn Ashworth has now decided her blog has gone as far as she can take it and has posted her last one a few days ago. I decided to read it and I would be interested to hear whether or not you think she is right.
Go to jennashworth.co.uk/blog
I'm mentioning this because of what Cheryl was saying regarding publishers preferences for writers to media savvy. Presumably this includes blog sites.
Over to you.


Anonymous said…
Maybe, maybe not. Social media such as Twitter and Facebook are replacing the necessity of having websites and blogs in some ways, but not yet in all.

Not everything can be shared in 140characters (Twitter). Blogs can also be used to share samples of work and are usually quicker and easier to navigate around than a website.

Websites are useful for fans, but blogs are more useful for sharing general information.

There's my penn'orth!
ChrisB said…
considering how face-book is used I would be worried that my stuff would get lost amongst trivia and you have to open up to eveyone to reach the sort of audience you need for response. But I need to get my blog up and running again.
Jon M said…
Jenn is right when she says that the internet eats up your writing time. It devours it and FB/Twitter are just as (if not more) time-consuming. My blog tends to cover snippets that relate to my books that my audience (ie:children)might be interested in. I also put a smattering of news or personal stuff on there. Twitter and FB = good for marketing but are transient. Blogs = good for a more permanent record/info etc for fans.

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