Maynah Lewis Cup 2011

What a terrific night last Friday! We have a 2011 winner of the Maynah Lewis cup - James Rhodes.
James is one of our newer members and this was his first Maynah Lewis entry. A most deserving winner. I swear you could hear a pin drop in the room as he read us his wonderful, multi-layered story.
This is James receiving the trophy from our judge, Clare Oxley. A huge thank-you to Clare for doing a terrific job. She gave lots of advice and guidance on all the stories and helped to make this year's award night a memorable one.


ChrisB said…
I second that Mike, the evening was very sucessful.James'es story
seamlessly incorporated all the elements required giving us a throughly believable tale that had us enthralled.
To to show us how diverse we are Mike, your story showed us another take on humanity in an alien setting which was rather touching the more you thought about it.
Now that the competition is out of the way I think we should be looking at producing an anthology again. It is a number of years since one has been produced and I think collectively there must be enough material for the club to put up a good show of our work.
What do you think?

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