Hi Everyone,

For those of you who could not make the meeting on Friday, you missed another interesting evening. The September Competition was held and once again the entries proved to be a wonderful mixed bag of goodies. Members were asked to write a monologue subject matter open.
From Gordon's account of using `BABS` on a training sortie when in the RAF to Frank's dark thoughts of a suicidal band player, each piece had much merit. Perhaps Tom's clever re-vamp of the Three Little Pigs would have grabbed your attention. Ann's reflective piece was sad and moving. Whilst Helen's Bride's thoughts made you smile. Barbara's hapless accident prone heroine was also very funny. Liz's character was instantly recognisable we've all met some-one like the `queen` And then on to Alan's lyrical thoughts about a new-born grandchild and the passing on of knowledge and culture through the generations.
Alan's `Life's Conveyer Belt` won 1st place
Liz's `Queen` won 2nd place
Barbara's `Monologue` won 3rd place

All the marks and comments slips will be handed out at the next meeting so that the authors can see how they fared.

Next meeting is on 7th October and the following meeting on the 21Oct is the AGM
please try to attend this when we discuss amongst other things how the club is progressing and air any ideas or concerns.



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