The Man in the Pillbox Hat

My short story, The Man in the Pillbox Hat is now up on Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show. Please follow the link for a snippet and to check out the artwork. You'll have to buy a subscription to read the whole thing, but it's a great magazine and you get six issues, a whole year's worth of fiction for your $15.

This started out as a Wirral Writers' Maynah Lewis in-house competition story. I got the idea during a caravan holiday in The Lakes, the one where we had no heater, no hot water, no cooker; the duvet got soaked because the caravan roof started to leak; and when we tried the microwave all the lights on the site went out. It was late October and we froze. But at least I had my laptop.


Alexandra said…
Just visited the page and had a brief snoop around, looks interesting. I like this story beginning Mike; what will happen if Carol comes home - what will happen if she doesn't?!

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