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Hello fellow Writers,

I think some of you may be aware that I have had 'issues' with my computer over the past year or so.   I ended up having a new hard-drive installed; Windows 10 is gone as I went back to Windows 7.
I can't say there is much improvement.
When there are updates to install, it takes time, and then, it gives me a message saying: Installing Incomplete, Windows is Reversing the process - which then takes anything from 4 to 24 hours!!!! Really Microsoft?! I pay for this?!!

So, I scoured the online FAQ's and Help Desks and Forums etc.
I even did some of the stuff people said worked. One was a trial to see where the malfunction was occurring; it appeared to be in my Windows Word docs! Hm, so I decided to look around and see if there was anything else to use.
I am fed up with the stranglehold that massive corporations have on products, what am I paying for if it keeps going wrong?

I have discovered a plethora of alternatives - in no order of preference, they include -

Deep Blue Diving
WPS Office
Google Docs
Apple iWork
Calligra Office

But how do I know which will suit me? How do I know that I will be able to open up all the work I have done previously on Will I be able to open up the work on another computer?

My husband uses Ubuntu - software that uses LibreOffice - he has NEVER had an issue with it. It has security updates every couple of weeks, this takes around 30 minutes. It does everything Microsoft Word does, but at a 'lower level', he says. Also, Ubuntu and LibreOffice are FREE!

So why am I not rushing to install it now? Because I am terrified that if I undo all my Windows and install something else, then the whole computer will come crashing down around my ears.

It would be great to hear your experiences of an alternative to Windows; what you use and why you like it. 


Mick Kelly said…
Hi Alexandra - I've used 'OpenOffice' (same as Libre Office, but runs on a Mac) extensively. Opens Word docs without any problems I can see - except it looks a bit messy when you have headers and footers - prints ok, though. I've also used the Libre Office version, which runs on my Linux laptop - but I no longer use the laptop very much.

I've used iWork (Pages is the wordprocessor) on the iPad. Works ok, but not that impressed.

Dropbox is just file sharing software. I use it all the time to move stuff between my iPad, Linux laptop, Mac.

For writing, though, I use 'Scrivener' and wouldn't be without it. I feel lost when I have to use an ordinary wordprocessor. Costs nearly £40, though, so you have to be sure you'd like it.

Another paid for app is Storymill

I didn't like it much, but the new version has been revamped to be much more like Scrivener.
Mjke Wood said…
I lost my rag with Windows after the XP debacle, when MS decided they would no longer support it and I was forced to buy a new laptop, because my small netbook wasn't big enough for Win 8. So I gritted my teeth and bought a Mac. Never regretted it. Works a treat. BUT if you want to use Word you have to buy MS Office again – Windows for Mac.
I'm like Mick, though. I couldn't face not using Scrivener.

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