Good News

Sorry I haven't been around recently. I've been a bit preoccupied but it's sorted now.
The good news is, I've got a three book deal with Bloomsbury!!! Still a bit stunned!


ChrisB said…
congratulations, Jon, I hope you can come to the next meeting and tell us all about it.
cowrie said…
Congratulations! I'm so pleased about your fantastic news - always knew you'd do it. Come to the next meeting and tell us about it before you get bogged down in frenetic writing and re-writes.

Mike Wood said…
Jon - Fantastic! You must be walking around in a dream. You must come and tell us all about it. I can't wait for Cheryl to do her 'has anyone got any news?' slot.
Jon M said…
I am babbling rather incoherently still...pinch...pinch...pinch...

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