Write Minds

Here's Cheryl and Mike at the Wirral Writers table at 'Write Minds' in Ruthin.

It was a good event. We met a lot of interesting people; writers, other writing groups, educators... and we were impressed by their enthusiasm for writing and culture in general. And here's a novelty (if you're from Wirral) - they don't close libraries in Denbighshire, they promote and nurture them. There's another event on March 5th at 7.30 PM - a workshop by Caroline Ross (War Before Mine). It's at Ruthin Library and it's free! And then, the following Thursday, 12th March, there's VERSE AND VINO at
Nantclwyd y Dre House Ruthin. This one's limited to 16, so you'd need to book a place with Dee Rivaz (Dee.rivaz@googlemail.com) if you want to go.

So, we picked up a lot of ideas to improve our pitch when we embark on our Wirral-based event. I'll explain more on Friday.

I hope some of you managed to catch either or both of the radio performances over the last two Sundays; Cheryl and Barbara, Gordon and myself. I think it went well, and Marion was kind enough to give us a good plug after each story. I for one enjoyed the experience. Let's hope, if they do it again, they come back to us and some more of us will have the opportunity to have a go.


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