New Year - New Start

Happy New Year everyone.

Well the holiday season is over and it's back to work/school/college. 

This is just a gentle reminder that we start Wirral Writers Club again tonight - 

Friday 5th January.
19:30 at Bebington Civic Centre.

Bring along your sacrificial offerings, ahem, I mean stories, to share and critique. Up to 2000 words. Please remember, if there are many of us, we might need to read shorter sections or miss a go until next time.

 Even the act of reading aloud is a helpful exercise for the writer, as we can listen to the rhythm of the prose and/or poetry, notice those jarring words, pick up those names that are unpronounceable, and see where we have written a word twice in a row (surprising how often people write and and)

Newcomers are always welcome.

“It ain’t whatcha write, it’s the way atcha write it.”
—Jack Kerouac, 


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