Wirral Writers' Christmas Meal

For the second year running Wirral Writers' Christmas Meal was held at the Celtic Arms in Northop. Excellent food, sparkling conversation and above all, excellent company.  

It has been an especially good year for Wirral Writers', and I believe we have a great deal to celebrate. Our Maynah Lewis competition entered its 27th year, and our September competition was one of the closest results I can remember.

I thought I'd just scribble down some of the accomplishments by members of the group this year. Apologies if I missed anything, but it makes impressive reading, even so:

  • Five published short stories (one print magazine, three online mags, one anthology)
  • Three acceptances for publication forthcoming in 2016.
  • Three indy-published books
  • One movie option
  • One first place competition success
  • One performed theatrical play
  • Several performances of folk songs, lyrics first aired at Wirral Writers
  • Two interviews (one blog, one radio)
I for one am looking forward to more in 2016. Look out for our forthcoming Tick Tock anthology that will be hitting an Amazon store near you, some time in the year. Our Maynah Lewis competition will be a story based on the fable, The Hare and the Tortoise in a modern setting, and in 2016 we'll see at least three published stories, by members, that have already been accepted.
Wirral Writers' are going from strength to strength.
2016. Bring it on!  


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