The Last Days of Dogger City

I have some news. I've been sitting on this for a couple of weeks, waiting until the contracts have been signed, and that has been a very hard thing to do. I broke cover on this at the WirralWriters meeting on Friday, but for those who were missing, here it is: A few months ago I had a story in Analog called The Last Days of Dogger City. That was just about as big a thrill as I could imagine, but now the story has now been optioned, to be made into a film script, by Carylanna Taylor and Jacob Okada at First Encounter Productions.
I am giddy with excitement.
I'm one of those people who sit in the cinema reading the credits right up until the last ones have rolled by and waiting for the lights to go up. This week I've been doing it and comparing font sizes between the screen writers and the other contributors... and dreaming of the day.


Alexandra said…
I'm right there with you Mike.
I used to stay for the last credit, until Greg and Erin made me leave ASAP; I feel I have missed something if I'm not there when the lights go up.
Thinking positive thoughts for this project, hope they go ahead and film it. Question: so, who would your 'fantasy' cast be?

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