Competitions and Opportunities

Thought I'd share some links to competitions and markets that I came across recently.

The Sunday Times are running a short story comp with a £25,000 first prize. I haven't got the zeroes wrong. £25 grand! I haven't looked at the rules yet but you can bet I will be doing so asap.

Radio 4 are looking for 1900-2000 word stories for it's Opening Lines slot at 3.30pm. Nothing sexist, racist nor any swearing. Strong emphasis on narrative avoiding too much dialogue or character description.
Submissions are by post only (so that rules out everyone in the UK at the moment) and guidelines can be found at

And a market I found recently that I think is way cool. Go to and have a look at their one-minute tales. 60 to 120 words, done on youtube video with background music. The couple I've seen so far are just wonderful and I'm dying to have a go.

Here's one for the poets. Cafe Writers Open Poetry comp. £1,ooo prize money. Almost makes it worth running out and buying a rhyming dictionary, doesn't it.


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