I have the honour of making the first post on Wirral Writers' members-only blog.
I'm hoping this will be a new way for members to share their thoughts, ideas, triumphs and moans.

The site will only be visible to our little Wirral Writers' community. Anyone in the club can post, so long as I have your email and can add you as a user, and anyone can comment on posts. I'm hoping we can use it for updates on club competitions, diary items, market news, and useful writerly resources. Anyone who wishes to post stories and poems can do so, and anyone who reads them may comment. This way we can share advice on grammar, layout and punctuation - things that are not always apparent from an oral reading.

And we want it to evolve! Any other ideas for using the site can be aired and discussed.

A full launch will take place at the AGM (in case you stumbled upon the site in advance) at which time I'll sound out opinions on whether this is something we are all happy to persue.

In the meantime - what are you doing messing around on the internet. YOU SHOULD BE WRITING!!



ChrisB said…
Hi Mike
Page looks good, glad to see we're on the move again.

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