Crime Might Pay

If you missed the AGM last week, we decided that our Maynah Lewis competition this year will mirror the theme for the Writers Magazine July competition, whatever that turns out to be.

Well, I've been rummaging around my magazine filing system (an old printer box I keep under my desk) and I have found the Competition Pull-out for 2009.

So, here it is... (pause for a drum roll and fanfare)

This year will be a Crime Story. "Anything from murder to parking on a yellow line."
More details will follow, but for the moment you can all be thinking about your summer crime spree.
And while we're on competitions - here's the theme for the October competition. We took this from one of the paintings at Brook Meadow during the summer meal. You need to work your magic on it in 500 words or less.
There's a long time to go on this one but it doen't do any harm to let your subconcious loose on it for a few months.
Who is the girl? Why is she sad? Why is she holding what appears to be a dead creature in her right hand?
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